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EDENIC is the term we at Chrysalis Originals use to describe God-given safe, effective and even ancient food and medicine. Ancient texts tell us that in Eden there was no death, no killing, no sickness - until after the fall. From my childhood, I imagined what that would be like - and during my nursing years I often despaired at the suffering involved in modern medicine, while all around me, people seemed bent on self-destruction. 

Many years later, I was saddened to see many so-called Christian websites and books dismiss what can only be termed Edenic medicine, as the polar opposite. They fail to see what was intended for Creation and as such, are in bondage to modern medicine and poor diet.

The truth is, for something to be Edenic it must not come from a place of suffering. To my vision from the earliest days, that meant no cruelly-sourced ingredients, no suffering at any stage, no animal testing, and that nothing in all of God's Creation should suffer in order for us to receive or maintain good health. Above all, be Christ-led.

How much more Edenic could a medicine form be? Contrary to what many born-again groups are teaching, it does not contain some magical, mystical power - it is made of pure ingredients which are incapable of causing suffering. If herbal medicine is mentioned in the Bible hundreds of times, in almost every book - good and bad - how much more Edenic could they be if prepared in such a gentle way that even the bad (side effects of stronger alkaloids, etc) becomes good?

What other way could something as bitter as hemlock and nightshades be safely given to bring about healing? What an insult to Him to turn our backs on the very healing things given to us from Genesis!

Rather than believe in what has been written in ignorance, even if well intended, I urge you to pray on this - to do your research. My vision was given to me at an early age - and as is usually the way, it was often a lonely and difficult pathway that often had me locked in my prayer closet seeking guidance. 

I pray that it helps you to find the right answers.

Our Foundations

 After humble rural beginnings, while gleaning expertise from some of the world’s leading Physicians and Teachers, our remedies soon became sought after by those who choose to take charge of their health rather than become part of the accepted health care crisis.

With previous orthodox medical experience in a wide range of areas, including -

  • Psychiatric
  • Care of the elderly
  • Paediatric
  • Surgical
  • Triage, Ambulance & Emergency
  • Pathology, Obstetrics
  • Clinical & Intensive Care
  • Remote Area Medicine

- followed by studies and experience in -

  • Homoeopathy
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Organic growing methods
  • Laboratory development & production
  • Acupuncture
  • Cupping/Moxibustion
  • Natural pH balanced Diet
  • Pharmaceutical research

- plus extensive clinical practice & lecturing along with writing and eventually medical research, a wealth of knowledge has gone into the formation of the Chrysalis Originals range.

In 1987 the first simplexes in our private practice began changing lives; in 1991 the first complex was used and over the next decade, the range grew to address almost every requested health care need. From start to finish, the ingredients are sourced from the best companies; no compromise is made for any aspect of the process. Simply put, if it hasn't been Clinically Proven by use in real live practice - with excellent results, it will not be offered for recommendation.

You can be assured that every complex has above accepted average results (our own clinical records often reflect perfect success rates). Many offers from outside interest (including international) have been made to purchase our brand; and many companies have attempted to emulate the remedies. As the developer and manufacturer, our experts need to oversee every aspect of each remedy - from start to finish and refuse to share my secrets or allow other companies to release substandard copies.

With the health climate in such a state of disarray, every single one of us needs to be very diligent. It is no longer acceptable or suitable to just live each day in the hope that you wont get sick. Waiting rooms are over-filled; emergency departments cannot cope with the queues; Practitioners are hard-pressed to take a few minutes to ask questions and write out a script without time for the actual physical person - just the name of the diagnosis. Years of study & dedication and the only people who benefit are the pharmaceutical companies.

Every one of the Chrysalis Originals remedies has been used for basic health issues. And clinically, they have been used for very serious health issues (with supervision), so you can rest assured that they work. Best of all, they are simple to use. And safe.

One Body, One Life.


  • Please take charge of your own health. 
  • Always read labels - of food, personal care, health products - everything.
  • Remove toxic chemicals from your family's life - and home.
  • Exercise every day in whatever capacity you are able.

For your own interest, please read our case study page to get a better understanding of the vast applications possible in using the your remedy range. With both human and animal case studies, it provides a wealth of info. Natural Therapies provide assistance to care for general health needs - this range provides assistance at home to care for families - safely, affordably and honestly.

If you visit our Facebook page you will be able to download our printable forms and see real case studies pertaining to each remedy. This will help you gain a sound understanding of the vast array of applications of each. 

Mission Statement and Vision OF OUR FOUNDER

As a Christian, vegan health provider and educator, it is my aim to guide and assist all those who seek abundant health in achieving what is our birthright. No form of health care should be out of reach of anyone - especially when it is based on economic reasons and lack of truth in healthcare.  No creature should ever suffer for the benefit of another.

No animal or human suffers in the creation of our products. Ever.

Choice :

While all similar sounding products are manufactured with the same intent - to bring about a positive health improvement, they do not contain the same ingredients, so if a patient responds to one of our remedies for a certain problem, another similar-sounding remedy may not react the same. Please don't make the mistake of believing that if a remedy for a certain problem works the first time, another company's similar remedy will do the same thing – it is this mistaken belief that often results in much disappointment and ineffective treatment. So, if you find a good thing, stick to it.  Names are given as a guide - all can be used in other situations and are free from the usual risks associated with prescription drugs.

In some cases, a trained Physician may be needed (never use any form of medicine to totally replace your Practitioner) and as with all illness - if there is no improvement, see your Practitioner.  The Information Booklet and easy labelling makes it easy (and safe) even for children to understand.

The added bonus of our remedies is the low alcohol content and 'higher' (more diluted) potencies which render them impossible to cause an overdose of any ingredient, ever.


Medicine chest, first aid box or medicine cabinet.


This is generally very easy. So easy that it is common for new customers to ask, 'Is that it?' And if any difficulty is found, such as a child throwing a tantrum or the patient sleeping, you simply rub it into the skin or drop it on the inside of the lower lip, with equal results.

CHRONIC - For a standard health issue which has been present for some time -

Newborn to 2 years - 1 drop, 3 times daily in a small measure of water, instilled by dropper directly into mouth.

3 to 12 years - 3 drops, drops, 3 times daily in about 25ml water. Hold in mouth for about a minute (60 seconds) for best sublingual absorption, then swallow.

12 years to adults - 5 drops, 3 times daily in about 25ml water. Hold in mouth for 60 seconds for best sublingual absorption, then swallow.

ACUTE - For recent and aggressive symptoms, take 1 to 4 hourly, with dosage as above according to age.


It is impossible to overdose on diluted and potentised medicines.

There is no danger imposed by taking the wrong remedy. If it is not the correct remedy, it will simply have no effect.

Once symptoms have been eliminated CEASE REMEDY IMMEDIATELY. If you continue to take a remedy after the appropriate effect has been achieved, it can trigger the original symptoms to return.


John 10:10

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly."