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Example Case Studies

Please email your queries and I will offer case studies as recorded clinically. This is not a consultation service, however it may assist you with choices in using our remedies. Please note that these cases contain all aspects of healthcare experienced from nursing years, observation, research and practice. It contains my own clinical experiences, those reported to me by customers who have bought from retailers and wish to share their experiences and an occasional one which shows how animals can be safely assisted using our remedies.

What we take for granted in orthodoxy is used mostly in 'civilised' nations and in localised areas of 3rd world countries. Practitioners often find that when a patient presents after years of failing to find successful treatment for an ailment, so many cases can be successfully treated with a well-chosen remedy.

Each study will belisted with a symptomatic or diagnostic label, followed by a brief history, description and treatment result.

Again, please don't self-diagnose - this is a record of previously diagnosed health problems with eventual outcomes. The first cases have already been tabled and are put on this site for general information, as these symptoms are common and many people ask for this type of advice.  





Child with extensive cold-sores over mouth, nose and eye area. Advised to wash area with lavender oil diluted in warm water & to apply Pawpaw cream. MIASMA tonic given 3 times daily. Within hours all sensation of lesions had gone & by day three all appearance of sores was removed.



Child, 4 years old returned from Asia with dysentery. Had been prescribed electrolyte drink and anti-diarrhoeic. Her mother brought her to me after 6 days - she appeared lethargic, pale and overall very unwell. I recalled patients not quite this poorly being administered IV fluids in hospital and could not understand why this child was not in hospital, yet she had been advised that improvement would occur if no foods were given. I advised OSMOSIS tonic, half-hourly with fluids, with light foods given if requested. After 6 doses the child's colour had returned, along with her appetite. There had been no further vomiting or diarrhoea and her health & energy returned to normal within 24 hours.



Patient, 52 years old with hayfever and history of sinusitis. Had used nasal sprays and anti-histamines for 11 years, with lessening effectiveness. I advised PIQUE tonic to be taken hourly if severe, or 3 times daily to reduce symptoms. Within the first 24 hours the symptoms had reduced comfortably, along with headaches, facial pain and congestion. She was able to cease the treatment within 2 weeks and required one course of treatment at the beginning of 'hayfever' season for the next few years. By removing irritants and triggers from her home - cleaning chemicals & perfumes she was able to work daily with no health problems.



Infant aged 2 with regular tantrums - red-faced, glazed eyes, hysteria with biting & screaming. Parents had no idea of trigger as they had no pattern. Soothing and punishment had no effect as the child was out of control and did not respond. Possible causes included stimulants such as exciteable playtime, shopping centres, other peoples' houses and visiting relatives. It was then 'narrowed down' to food colouring, cleaning chemicals, cordial and fizzy drinks, perfume, lollies - hence areas of reactions, as none of these triggers were used regularly at home - she seemed to react when others were around and offered varying foods/drinks/surroundings.

PACIFIC tonic was given during an attack and prior to parties or visits to centres or other homes. Attacks were removed within 15 minutes and prevented in most cases. When she was too agitated to give the medicine orally, it was rubbed into the crown of the head (Acupuncture 'governing' point) with equal result.



Female patient aged 5, suffering repeated attacks of conjunctivitis. Inflammation of conjunctiva had resulted in redness, swelling and large amount of muco-purulent discharge. Eyes were washed with chamomile tea/saline and AUREUS tonic was administered hourly for 3 hours. Mother called following day to report that the situation had cleared up completely. Hygiene lessons were advised and she kept the remedy on hand for future attacks.



Male elderly patient with persistent cough (6 months). Anti-tussives along with anti-biotics for previous infection had failed to soothe the respiratory tract. TUSSIS tonic was advised three times daily and repeated during night if aggravation occurred. Two weeks later, there was no sign of the cough and the patient was able to cease treatment.



Female patient with sudden onset of fluid retention - bloated abdomen, swollen knees and severely inflamed feet. She was unable to walk due to pressure on feet. She had a history of gout and a family history of rheumatoid arthritis. AQUA tonic was given 2nd hourly, alternated with URICA tonic every other hour. By the following day she was able to walk and by 7 days was able to cease the treatment. She has had no further attacks.



Male, aged 58 suffering from gout. Had been on medication for years as attacks occurred and refused to cease drinking alcohol or reduce meat, starch and wine intake. Dietary advice was given and URICA tonic 3 times daily. Within 3 days was symptom-free. Unfortunately, as he would not change habits, he continued to require occasional infrequent treatment as attacks were not able to be removed completely.



Female, aged 30 suffering from haemorrhoids following birth of baby. Was breast-feeding and worried about treatments. Given VENA tonic three times daily, and advised to swab area with witch hazel followed by application of Pawpaw cream following toilet visits.

Due to pressure & congestion relief was only short-lived and treatment was required for a number of months, but the problem was eventually totally removed by this time. Dietary advice was given - along with increased fluid and fibre intake.



Female, aged 53 with 15 year history of menopausal symptoms - hot flushes, mood-swings and weight gain/facial hair growth. HARMONY tonic was advised three times daily. As this case had been present for so long, it required much longer treatment than usual. She experienced relief immediately, however required the treatment for 5 months to completely remove it, then took it occasionally for a further 4 months when symptoms reappeared. Slight weightloss accompanied the improved emotional and physical aspects.



Female with severe pain during menstruation - extending from pelvis to legs and back. Generally unwell, pale & weak. Tests showed no presence of physical underlying issues. Strong analgesia was used throughout this time, resulting in constipation & tiredness. LUNA tonic administered three times daily for one month - increased to hourly during period if required - analgesia required for first month, then consecutive cycles passed with no further occurrence. Advised to take for one month further & keep on hand for any reappearance of symptoms, at which time she is able to take for one day to remove all symptoms. She now also drinks herbal tea during this time as a tonic - including rosemary tea & occasionally AQUA tonic for fluid retention.



Teenage female with mood swings and depression for one week prior to menstrual onset. She had trouble concentrating and not only felt her life was unbearable, but she was having the same affect on her family. LUNA tonic three times daily for two months resulted in removal of symptoms. Whenever symptoms threaten to appear, she takes the remedy for one or two days with success.



Teenage male with history of severe acne. Medical, pharmaceutical, specialist & dietary treatment all resulted in mild success, along with lowering self-esteem. PSORA tonic was given 3 times daily for one month, along with advice to remove chemicals from personal care (shampoo, soap), plus removal from diet of possible triggers (animal fats, hormone triggers, etc). Within 1 month this young man had no new development of acne and with correct skin care advice had managed to heal the scars and develop healthy skin.



Baby aged 9 months screaming, biting and banging her face. History of colic and sleeplessness. Teeth had been appearing for months along with agitation. BALM tonic was given hourly for first day during waking hours, then 3 times daily until symptoms ceased. Suffering ceased within 24 hours & her teeth continued to crown rapidly with no ill-effects.


Energetic remedies cannot be 'proven' to work in a laboratory setting. Indeed, a number of fields of medicine cannot be proven to work in the most fastidious peer-reviewed double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial. This type of scientific research was formulated to suit the paradigms of substances and procedures which have an equal risk factor and elicit similar results in trial subjects. Energetic medicines can only respond when needed or indicated, even if a number of cases look similar. It is up to the expert to determine which remedy best matches each individual case; this is why homeopathic trials which meet parameters of pharmaceutical trials tend to fail. It is a simple truth; anyone attempting to do so, simply shows they have no understanding of pure, natural health care, as this form of trial was established for pharmaceutical ingredients with the propensity for harm. 

The difficulty and confusion lies in the fact that no two bodies are alike. We respond in different ways so we have to consider that one remedy which works for one dis-ease picture, may not react the same as the next. To highlight this, I do not react to cutting onions so Allium Cepa does not affect my recovery process if I develop hay fever or mild allergies. I respond better to other remedy choices. So for a trial to be conducted using the exact same single remedy - for argument's sake, Ledum - for 10 people all suffering the effects of a sting or rash and expecting the same results, you could only expect failure. This is why in a non-professional setting, I prefer a Complex remedy so that if one Simplex is not indicated, another is able to take effect; even improve the effects of the other ingredients. It is also why, using common methods to 'prove' a remedy will not bring about the same outcomes as using pharmaceutical medicines.

This form of medicine is an exact science that requires much study in order to understand and practice. Even using a single remedy kit can be very difficult and often, guesswork and lack of understanding ends in poor results. In my early days of practice I was (and am still) constantly amazed at the well-chosen remedy - even extreme cases which have no answers in orthodox medicine can be turned around in a matter of doses - but as knowledge is watered down, it is becoming more and more difficult to reach the masses. Unlike in places like India where such knowledge is supreme and even laypeople know more than many qualified experts in the west.

This conundrum triggered the development of the initial kit - starting in 1990. People would take my simplex (single) remedies home, become well within a short time and either throw out the remainder of the remedy or leave it sitting in the cupboard never to be used again; until they came back into the clinic with ailments that could easily have been treated with what they already had at home. Labelling a remedy with all the possible benefits would be impossible - and for this reason I do recommend a pocket companion Materia Medica which will show you the vast possibilities with the full range (even more than is listed below). So I decided to make individual complexes (multiple ingredients) for the different systems of the body. The response was overwhelming and has allowed generations of forward-thinking families to depend less on pharmaceuticals with resulting glowing health.

The ailment list is simply a very basic reflection based on the original provings. No claims are made - other than stating simple historical facts. Facts which will help your family live a more drug-free life. To use the Ailment List & Remedy Selection simply find the closest symptoms displayed, and the corresponding remedy is alongside - with first aid suggestions.


The question must be asked: why is there so much Christian opposition to natural, Godly, Edenic health? I am still trying to work that out. I have read them all. I have to include this discussion on this site - if for no other reason than if we research natural or 'alternative' or even 'complementary' health care and Christianity online, the first few pages are filled with the worst examples of ignorance and misinformation. In fact, I am more alarmed at detractors being under some questionable influence than listening for the real (Biblical) truth.

Claims that 'energising' remedies is somehow making them demonic - I have nothing to say other than those words are borne of ignorance rather than vision or answered prayer.

One only needs to consider the methods in which modern medicines are formulated, researched and administered to ask why are some eyes so blinded? I have even seen entire sermons conducted against natural health - singling out me or other natural health professionals. I have had church leaders physically turn their backs to me when told of my career. I have been stood up in front of an entire congregation and 'outed' as a witch after the speaker had been told, horror of horrors, that I grow the very herbs spoken of dozens of times in the Bible. I was once accused of blasphemy when I dared to advise that David was the original master herbalist, and that Jesus' healing methods were pure healing energy. What else to you think they are, magic?

Basically and as simple and as honest as I can be, I need to teach those who need safe and effective health care, from beginning to end, that 'natural' ingredients are from Creation - and 'energising' is simply done by banging in order to 'take up' or suspend the medicinal benefits of the original matter - not really any different to how accepted medicines are mixed and extracted. No incantations or chanting (yes, I have heard this claimed). ALL matter has energy - it can be depleted or enhanced. Nothing magical or demonic about it.

Yes, just as with any medicine form, one can choose to use questionable ingredients - but as our range is vegan there is nothing - at any stage - that could be classified as un-Christian. No sacrifices, no summoning of evil. Sounds a little odd when you see it written in front of your eyes - imagine how much more odd it is to have it thrown at you by seemingly intelligent people.

In fact, from my early days when I did receive some strange treatment at the hands of some Christians, my mission and vision focused solely on the Bible and what could be done to bring about Edenic healing without harm. To anyone.

Gen 1:29

And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food.

Rev 22:2

In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was the tree of life, which bare twelve fruits ... and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

Jer 8:22

“Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then is there no recovery For the health of the daughter of my people?”

Solomon 4:14

""Nard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon, with all trees of frankincense, myrrh and aloes, with all choice spices..."

Numbers 11:7-9

Now the manna was like coriander seed, and its appearance like that of bdellium. The people went about and gathered it and ground it in handmills or beat it in mortars and boiled it in pots and made cakes of it. And the taste of it was like the taste of cakes baked with oil. When the dew fell upon the camp in the night, the manna fell with it.