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Remedy Selection

Each remedy covers a broad spectrum of ailments under the banner of each identifying name. These are truly mix and match, chosen based on your family's personal health needs.

For example, if there is an incidence of acne in the family, Psora can be extended to successfully treat similar ailments - boils, infected sores and so on. By ensuring you have a copy of the booklet on hand, you can make sure to have the right remedy for each situation that could arise. To choose your family's preferred remedies in order to make your own dedicated botiquin, please refer to the ailment list page. If you are unable to find specific symptoms try looking for words included which correspond most to the health issues.

If you are a recipient of any implants, please indicate when ordering so that SILICEA can be omitted from your remedies as the healing property of this simplex pushes foreign matter out of the body. We would like to heal you without causing negative effects!


NEW! Positive Emotion Elixir

Keyword: joy

Since the industrial revolution, and especially with the advent of the technical age, the world is more polluted, diets are detrimental to our gut and brain health, while we are bombarded every day with radiation and negative media. It is rare to find someone who is not affected emotionally. Clinically, we realised early on that by combining native bush flower remedies, Bach remedies and traditional remedies even if our intention was to treat a physical symptom, the end result brought about improved emotional health. In fact, the first symptoms to be displayed in any dis-ease are emotional. It is why we say we are feeling a little off, a little low or not right. And when we heal, it is impossible for our emotions to not be positively influenced. This remedy is not an antidepressant; each ingredient has been clinically proven over time to positively influence the emotional element of health. While we cannot always change our life circumstances, we can change how we deal with them.

COMPANION TREATMENT: Detoxing, herbal teas, exercise, EMF protection, reduction of alcohol intake, relaxation.



Aqua Tonic

(Previously Fluid Retention Complex - FRC)

Keyword: water

As our cells are dying faster than our new cells can be made (often in a weaker state) our body tries to correct the imbalance & fluid retention often results. This waste accumulates in our blood and gravity forces the heavier fluid to stagnate in our feet and legs (and hands if they hang down & we do not exercise enough). Repeated treatment required only as needed.

RECOMMENDED COMPANION TREATMENT -  Change  use of table salt to Himalayan salt. Drinking herbal teas regularly such as parsley, cornsilk, barley and dandelion will aid in improved kidney function.  Increase pure water intake, reduce alcohol, dairy, coffee and caffeinated, sugary drinks; alter your diet to improve pH and use tonic to flush excess fluid.

Note: use of the word aqua is a nod to water and fluid - the vital liquid we need for life, which needs to move freely through the body while washing away waste and toxins while hydrating and nourishing our cells. 



(Previously Eye/Ear Complex - EYC)

Keyword - gold

In today's increasingly dependent world, drug resistant infections seem to be common. Yet, if handled correctly, if we avoid the triggers which set these issues in motion, we can likewise avoid common eye and ear inflammations.

Aureus denotes gold; in health, it means ancient healing rites. Gold was once as valuable in healing as it was monetary. It indicates inflammation, heat and pain, even infection - which brings heat and pain.

The remedy blend helps soothe the eyes and ears, plus the mucous membranes and vessels linking each, resulting in reduction of the symptoms, without unwanted side effects.

RECOMMENDED COMPANION TREATMENT - Saline/chamomile eye wash. Eyebright eyedrops. Avoid perfumes/allergens/triggers. Quercetin. Bathe with warm chamomile/coriander spice/green tea. Hot compress. Castor oil rubbed onto eyelid. Dilute peroxide wash. Hot pack, organic olive oil instilled into ear. Apply magnesium oil to jawline.

Note: use of the word Aureus is a reminder of healing remedies of the past. Dilute gold was an original healer of infection and inflammation and until the 1980s was included in eye and ear remedies, at least until pharmaceutical companies introduced new treatments which in turn brought with them, the current issue of drug resistance. Gold is as effective as ever, especially in a form that is so dilute it merely contains the imprint rather than the metal itself.

axis tonic

(Previously Focal Essence)
Keyword: focus
Focus, concentration, study, difficulty in undertaking tasks, behavioural issues, uncontrollable behaviour. Formulated originally for a Down Syndrome child with ADHD and autism, and used clinically for a wide variety of behavioural issues; the results have been impressive.
COMPANION TREATMENT - Dietary issues need to be addressed as no treatment will be permanently effective if triggers and aggravating compounds are permitted to cause ongoing inflammation and attack of the nervous system. A venting outlet is often important - martial arts, relaxation exercises, music therapy, acupuncture and a clutter-free, non-toxic environment.
Note: use of the Latin word axis, as in regards to focus or focal point.

balm tonic

(Previously Soothe 8)

Keywords - soothing, dental

For use in oral and dental inflammation; for infant teething, toothache, mouth ulcer pain. Also may be used for swelling inflammatory pain elsewhere in the body. First formulated for a patient with an advanced dental abscess on a long weekend when he could not find help elsewhere, I was shocked to see him some time later, still with the offending tooth but minus any pain or swelling.

COMPANION TREATMENT – Chamomile tea (even for children, with stevia), clove essential oil application for topical use; see dentist as soon as possible for dental issues.

Note: use of the word balm is a nod to the original soothing remedy, balm of Gilead - for inflammation, especially dental pain.


Sero Tonic

(Previously Candida Yeast Tonic - CYC)

Keywords: mucous membranes, candida

COMPANION TREATMENT -  In the past, the standard treatment for yeast and associated intestinal bacterial overgrowth has been to avoid yeast foods; with harsh treatments to destroy the offending problem. Yeast is a vital necessity in the body, involved in hormone production, digestion and enzyme manufacture. Yoghurt and acidophilus intake is standard, but it is an imperfect protocol with temporary relief at best. Many are lactose intolerant, yoghurt simply doesn't contain enough acidophilus to have any positive effect (even the 'enriched' versions) and it usually means one has to avoid the offending foods on a permanent basis.

Swabbing with diluted tea tree, application of diluted probiotics and removal of sugars from diet are vital steps in re-balancing natural flora. Correct pH will  provide more benefit than removal of certain other foods. Taking a herbal anti-parasitic treatment will also assist in lowering yeast overgrowth while encouraging a healthy level of beneficial bacteria.

Note: The name Sero is Latin, meaning serum or membrane - which are affected by candida/thrush.

cura tonic

(Originally Stress 6)

Keyword: stress

For both long-term and short-term stress, this remedy can assist in the prevention of ongoing health issues. Useful in work and study situations it will allow for maintenance of a calm nervous system.

Many Practitioners shy away from using St John’s Wort due to incompatibility with other medications. If used Homoeopathically, the benefits remain without the side-effects and it remains safe to use in all cases.

Safe to use in conjunction with other medications where herbal St John's Wort is usually contra-indicated.

COMPANION TREATMENT – Relaxation classes; herbal teas such as chamomile, valerian, kava, etc.

Note: use of the word cura is from the original Latin meaning healing of the spirit.

Cutis Tonic

(Previously Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis Complex - EDC)

Keyword: skin

Even though these issues are often genetically linked, there is some research available to show the link to vaccine injury as the trigger - many forms of treatment are available which do not cause further problems as is found with some medications.  Even though eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis are externally-visible problems, they are systemic and require correction from the inside if it is to be permanent.

COMPANION TREATMENT -  To attack the issue both from within and externally, and use correct personal care, followed by suitable topical applications. Dietary reactions can result in triggered response - dairy, wheat, sugar and additives being at the top of the culprit list. Safe, non-toxic skincare must be the only form of product used; and non-steroidal topical treatments will ensure that there is no further organ damage. Skin supplements including essential fatty acids and addressing nervous system issues are vitally important.

Note: use of the wording dermal is from the Latin word Cutis meaning skin.

dynamos tonic

NEW! Auto-Immune Disorders

Keyword: fatigue

No one treatment will magically fix chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. Many aspects need to be addressed; not the least diet, chemical toxicity, parasite infestation and mould exposure. It should never cost a fortune, nor should you need to travel thousands of miles to specialised clinics. This simply shows us that medicine has failed.

COMPANION TREATMENT: pH Miracle diet, bathing in Epsom salts with Hydrogen peroxide, a good anti-parasitic, dealing with mould exposure, colloidal minerals, specific targeting supplements will all help make a difference. You will need a support team as chronic fatigue is capable of rendering the sufferer incapacitated and requiring around-the-clock care. If you have been in medical care and now suffer analgesia/anti-depressant addiction you will need assistance with addiction/withdrawal treatment also.

Note: use of the word dynamos is from the Greek word dunamis meaning power.

Natura Tonic

(Previously Combination 12+)

Keyword: cell

Tissue salts or Schuessler remedies are a medicinal form of the basic elements of the body which, when in a state of dis-ease, are in excess or deficiency. By correcting them using the homeopathic form, the symptoms self-correct. Many practitioners solely use the 12 remedies in various combinations for each case, forgoing all other homeopathic remedies, with astounding results. There is much documentation regarding the sole use of Tissue Salts for sickness as many believe all dis-ease symptoms result from these internal imbalances. When one considers cell function and cellular nutrition it is easy to understand.

Due to widespread lactose intolerance, the Chrysalis tissue salt range was formulated after years of approaching other companies (to no avail) to change what our founder questioned to be a major irritant in health products - the use of lactose in binding/filling remedies. It has since been released by many companies, as it has finally been 'proven' to be a major contributing factor in poor response rates and is available in many combinations via many manufacturers. We have removed most of the range for now, but the main combination is available - despite many experts stating that it is not beneficial to take them all at once, Clinical proof is all we needed to disprove yet another myth of Homoeopathic medicine.

Chrysalis tissue/Schuessler salts, unlike traditionals (which are found usually in a 6x or 12x potency) are formulated in a standard 6c. We have found clinically that they trigger rapid reactions without the usual healing crises which can often result from the more popular lower, more morbid content potencies. While not a huge issue as this is merely a sign of a well-chosen remedy, a healing crisis/primary reaction can cause undue discomfort while scaring people away from making the same choice in the future.

The Chrysalis Combination 12 (ie 12 Apostles - or change-bringers) benefits are as follows - 

  1. Elasticity
  2. Cell Building
  3. Purifying
  4. Biochemic Cell Transport
  5. Congestion removal
  6. Nervous system tonic
  7. Biochemic Cell Exchange 
  8. Anti-Spasm
  9. Water Distribution
  10. Acid Neutraliser
  11. Fluid Remover
  12. Cleanser and eliminator.

Natura can be taken alongside other remedies, diet and supplements to boost efficacy, or as a stand-alone tonic to improve bodily functions according to the 12 benefit ranges. For anyone who has any form of implant, please indicate by choosing SILICEA-FREE options when placing your order.

Note: use of the word natura is a nod to 'nature already created' in Latin - indicating the balance elicited by this remedy.

Luna Tonic

(Previously Menstrual Pain Complex - MPC)

Keywords: natural organic flow

A MUST for every female from the age of puberty onwards - for menstrual pain, PMT/PMS, ovulation aggravations, irregularities, mood swings. Either take when symptoms appear until relieved; or for chronic imbalances, take three times daily for at least a month, until symptoms improve.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not okay for females to just accept such symptoms as it is indicative of an underlying imbalance - whether hereditary, due to drug effects - especially generations of contraception, HRT, medications and personal care side effects, poor food manufacture processes or environmental exposure.

COMPANION TREATMENT -  Herbal teas to relieve inflammation such as rosemary, sage or chamomile; Heat or cold packs. Increased exercise during peak times - especially swimming. Rest during weakened times. Cupping, moxa or acupuncture during peak painful times is very beneficial.

Note: use of the word luna is a derivative of a lunar cycle, relating to the moon, which is how the female cycle should naturally be.

Evoke Tonic

(Previously Memory Recall Complex - MRC)

Keyword: memory

Originally developed to assist a patient with post-traumatic memory loss, we found it clinically suitable for various memory deficits, poor recall, long or short term memory loss. Assists with 'brain-fag' and helps in clearing the mind. Beneficial during times of study or when concentrated focus is required.

COMPANION TREATMENT -  Avoid stimulants such as alcohol and drugs. Balanced sleep patterns, dietary improvement, colloidal mineral, essential fatty acid intake and efficient blood flow, removal of stress factors are linked to good brain function, which controls memory ability.

Note: use of the word evoke is a nod to the Latin meaning, to conjure up a memory.

genesis tonic

(Previously Pregnancy Fertility Complex - PFC)

Keyword: creation

For use in fertility program - for both male & female use, to tone reproductive systems, & use during pregnancy & following birth. Should be considered in any pregnancy plan to address problems on both sides. A lifetime of toxin build-up & imbalances should always be corrected prior to any attempts to have a baby, & to give the future child every opportunity to have a strong constitution rather than being born as a result of weakened constitutions. Assists in removing toxic build-ups, improves virility & prepares both reproductive systems for optimal procreation. Also encourages improved nutrient absorption & lowers risk of certain defects. Post-partum, assists in restoration of health of mother.

COMPANION TREATMENT -  Every aspect of lifestyle must be addressed, as it is not acceptable or fair to procreate haphazardly. Detoxing, physical exercise, abstinence from smoking, drug and alcohol habits, and increased nutrient intake are all essential. For males, take a specific multivitamin/herbal for men, cease restrictive clothing use for at least 3 months prior to attempts. For females, all of the above recommendations must be adhered to, along with continuation and dietary address - our research has shown the pH miracle diet to provide the most optimal outcome. For long-term fertility issues, specific clinical acupuncture programs can also be of benefit.

Note: use of the word Genesis is in respect to Creation, the beginning, and cellular formation/growth/foundation.

harmony tonic

(Previously Climacteric Menopause Complex - CMC)

Keyword: menopause

For help during menopause - for hot flushes and mood swings. Many women dread menopause - even though they do not plan any more children, they feel defeated rather than empowered. Dealing gently with menopause allows smooth transition without negative emotional or physical effects of hormone disruption.

COMPANION TREATMENT - Wild Yam cream. There are also many herbal teas available. Avoid oestrogen-boosting medications and supplements. Avoid calcium supplements. Magnesium deficiency aggravates these symptoms and inclusion of this has more benefit in correcting calcium imbalance than taking single calcium supplement.

Note: use of the word harmony is a nod to calming, balance and tranquility, which is the aim of this remedy.

Ague Tonic

(Previously Pulmache 4)

Keyword: flu, plague

For achey symptoms of inFLUenza nature. Viral affectations which result in non-descriptive pain and weakness. Viruses must be addressed effectively to prevent long-term health issues. Taking this remedy can be the difference between suffering for weeks as opposed to a few days.

COMPANION TREATMENT - Herb-biotic supplements containing echinacea, olive leaf, antioxidants, etc; Colloidal silver. Analgesia to reduce inflammation and pain; relief from pain during healing helps speed recovery.

Note: use of the word ague is a nod to old terms for influenza which was also used to depict viral epidemic, outbreak and affliction.

lapides Tonic

(Previously Kidney Prostate Complex - KPC)

Keyword: kidney-bladder-prostate

Should be considered for many forms of pelvic inflammation; as a multi-purpose treatment for kidney disorders, renal colic, urinary tract infections and benign prostatic enlargement.

COMPANION TREATMENT -  Dietary improvement - reduce acid-forming foods such as additives and white flour products; sugars, increase water intake. Change personal hygiene - use only non-SLS body wash, cease use of talcum powder & petroleum products as these cause unnecessary inflammation and scar tissue in the urinary system. For UTIs include teas such as barley, parsley & cranberry. For prostate, include cornsilk & parsley. For severe prostatic inflammation, the herbal complex of Saw Palmetto is invaluable.

Note: use of the word lapides (pronounced lap-id-ees) is a nod to the Latin word stone, symbolised in kidney and prostatic calcifications.

Lava tonic

(Previously Infecti 7)

Keyword: biotic

Our best-selling “homeobiotic” has been used clinically for very serious and advanced inflammations for 3 decades; at home you can use it from the first symptom of inflammation with pain, lymphatic affections, swelling, fever, through to more established issues. Often prevents serious issues from developing, & effective to use for a wide range of needs. 

COMPANION TREATMENT – Acidophilus is always deficient in infective states - to balance system; antioxidants to reduce inflammation and flush waste; analgesia to remove pain until relief is found. If topical, wash with antiseptic essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, etc. Apply colloidal silver.

Note: use of the Latin word lava is to symbolise washing; also eruptions as volcanic.


miasma tonic

(Previously Herpes Simplex Complex - HSC)

Keyword: tainted, lesions

This under-diagnosed & overlooked health issue is a source of suffering & embarrassment. It is relatively simple to treat & maintain, yet little is done to manage it. Miasma does not claim to remove a 'virus' as there is still very little known about the nature of most viral illness and question as to even the existence of a virus pathogen. It does however, remove the inflammation & lesions, providing rapid relief and reduced frequency of attacks; at any site on the body. Also very effective in treatment of shingles symptoms. May be used during attacks, or for prevention, commence use at first sign of tingle or stinging.

COMPANION TREATMENT -  Regular intake of supplements including zinc & the amino acid lysine will assist in strengthening the body against attacks. Nerve tonics can also assist in reducing susceptibility. Topical application of pawpaw or zinc cream will soften and remove lesions. Caution is imperative with hygiene due to questionable infectious nature - including oral contact and even kissing children (deemed to be the highest cause of childhood coldsores). 

Note: use of the word miasma is a nod to the homeopathic term describing disposition of an acquired disease state. It also means acquired disease state.

nexus tonic

(Previously Rheumarth 3)

Keyword: connective

This remedy targets inflammations of connective & skeletal tissue; assists in reducing severity of inflammations and pain. Arthritic & rheumatic pains & swellings. Used early in the morning it can assist with mobility; last thing at night can help with sound a comfortable sleep.

There are many causes of pain and inflammation and the accompanying skeletal, muscular and soft tissue pain that eventuates. Be very sensible when trying to determine your causes and aggravations. Bad habits, posture, injuries and activities can all have an effect and contribution.

COMPANION TREATMENT – EFA oil intake such as flaxseed, chia and hemp; anti-inflammatory teas such as ginger and tumeric/black pepper; Magnesium not only removes inflammation but reduces spasm and corrects calcium imbalance. Address all aggravating factors – sport, work, posture, incorrectly-fitting shoes, mattress. Correcting bodily pH, eradicating inflammatory foods by elimination.

Note: use of the word nexus is a nod to the Latin term for binding together, as in strong bones, tendons and muscles.

osmosis tonic

(Previously Digesta 1)

Keyword: digestive

Imbalances of the digestive system, including aggravation extremes – diarrhoea, constipation, reflux, colic (infantile through to adult), indigestion, mild abdominal pain & cramping. Suitable for both chronic and acute symptoms. Originally developed for symptoms of IBS, clinically has been used with great success for symptom sets which found no relief elsewhere.

This remedy is one of our top 3 best-selling remedies and within a few doses can rebalance the digestive system, even after years of suffering.

COMPANION TREATMENT – Address your dietary habits; identify & remove aggravating foods; acidophilus to remove bloating; psyllium husks to encourage bowel function; Slippery Elm to line digestive tract and remove inflammation & irritation. Bicarb/baking soda to correct pH and eliminate toxic buildup. Coffee enema to flush plaque and allow for healing. pH miracle diet.

Note: use of the worde osmosis is a nod to the Latin/Greek originals symbolising assimilation/fluid/nutrient balance.

pacific tonic

(Previously Rescue Plus 5)

Keyword: calming

Based loosely on the original Bach remedy, clinically it has been found that by adding homeopathic trauma polycrests along with WA bush flower remedies, this combination is so effective that it should be the first choice in building any family kit. It is extremely effective in treating physical and mechanical/accidental trauma to the nervous system.

Shock, fear, panic, mood swings, tantrums and even stage fright can be averted. In all emergency situations, regardless of adjuvant care, this should be given to keep the patient calm and to reduce effects of mechanical and emotional traumas.

Once the extreme state of agitation is reached (tantrum, hysteria), no amount of consolation or control will help. Ensure the patient is safe and administer the remedy. In some instances it is difficult or even impossible to give orally, so administration by dropping onto the crown of the head, and ensure absorption by rubbing in, can achieve a similar effect.

COMPANION TREATMENT – Avoid triggers – food additives, colours, loud surroundings (even shopping centres, busy areas or games arcades); allow to rest and be alone in comfort.

Note: use of the word pacific is Latin, to make peace, to calm or pacify.

pique tonic

(Previously Allerderm 2)

Keyword: sensitivity

Sensitivities of the mucosa & dermis – including inflammations caused by irritations and sensitivities of external irritations. Symptoms include mild rashes, regardless of cause; hay-fever, sinusitis, mouth irritations, itching & stings. Clinically shown to match many OTC treatments for stinging and itching problems plus swellings in many instances.  

This is not an antihistamine - please seek urgent attention for severe allergies and anaphylaxis. 

COMPANION TREATMENT – Remove all cleaning and personal care products which contain questionable ingredients.Herbal quercetin, horseradish & antioxidants all reduce mucous membrane inflammation. Removal of dairy and gluten from diet. pH miracle diet assists with allergy reduction. Washing with bicarb/baking soda and application of soothing creams such as pawpaw and zinc have shown marked effect.

Note: use of the word pique (pronounced peek) is a French derivative meaning to prick, sting or irritate. 

psora Tonic

(Previously Acne Simplex Complex - ASC)

Keyword: pustule

Anti-inflammatory and blood cleansing to assist with clearing up skin blemishes - use gentle skin care which does not include harmful ingredients such as sodium laurel sulphate and propylene glycol, which are in most shampoos, conditioners and moisturisers - these are all linked to dermal and eye irritation, plus organ damage.

COMPANION TREATMENT -  Address diet & personal care. Use facial scrub & light moisturiser. Dab individual spots with antiseptic solution such as Hydrogen Peroxide or Tea Tree, Eucalyptus or Lavender Oil.

Note: use of the word psora (pronounced sore-ah) is a Latin derivative to indicate spot (as in iridology) or skin condition.

remedia tonic

NEW! To undo side effects of unnecessary medications.

Keyword: clearing

Heavy metal and foreign ingredient medication clearing. Please see individual vaccine and medication package inserts for more details on known side effects and ingredients. No claims are made in the use of this remedy, however each of the ingredients have been used clinically for thousands of cases needing both treatment of side effects and to reverse some of the symptoms inflicted.

Note: use of the word remedia is a nod to the Latin word meaning to remedy or improve, to help cure. 

Pax Tonic

(Previously Sleep Help Complex - SHC)

Keyword: clearing

Suitable for poor sleep patterns, regardless of age or work/shift hours. May be repeated as frequently as required until sound sleep is achieved.

COMPANION TREATMENT -  Reduction in caffeine intake. Relaxation, music or reading prior to retiring is recommended. Eat evening meal earlier in the night to allow for digestion. Comfortable room free of draft but keep doors open to prevent oxygen reduction. In winter, warm bed and in summer, adequate ventilation. Remove smoke or loud music from household. EMF waves can interfere with natural circadian cycle so turn off all electrical switches in bedroom. If your bedroom is close to a circuit box or smart meter, use a good EMF blocking device. Epsom salts hot baths with lavender, or a hops/chamomile/kava tea before bed is also beneficial.

Note: use of the word pax is a nod to its Latin origins, meaning peace, truce, to rest, or sleep. 

spiritus tonic

(Previously Asthma Chest Complex - ACC)  

Keyword: breath

Even though asthma is often a genetic problem, this remedy can help to tone the respiratory system by using 3 times daily to build up respiratory health. Do not ignore regular medication until long-term full relief is achieved - clinical use has resulted in reduction in the frequency and severity of attacks, strengthened airways and altered reactions to irritants/triggers.  Has also successfully been used for other breathing and airway related issues such as bullae, COPD and other inflammatory respiratory issues. 

RECOMMENDED COMPANION TREATMENT - Removal of dairy and wheat from diet. Address known irritant exposure - perfumes, chemicals, dust, stress, smoke - breathing difficulties often stem from allergen triggers found in the home. Do not smoke in front of children - or asthmatics.

Note: use of the Latin word spiritus means to breathe, or breath.

stasis tonic

 (Previously Detox Complex - DTC)

Keyword: purge

Assists in gently removing waste deposits from digestive system and blood. Beneficial for commencing lifestyle change and prior to diet commencement. Clinically used for patients with toxic iris spots evident and those who have been exposed to a high level of toxins/chemicals and poor diet. For those with digestive build-up and poor elimination process, this will balance the system.

COMPANION TREATMENT - Acidophilus for correction of bowel flora and removal of bloating. Psyllium husk tea for bulking and moving waste. Slippery Elm for lining and soothing digestive tract with added benefit of removing abdominal pain.

Note: use of the word stasis is a nod to homeostasis and equilibrium, cleaning by balance rather than harsh measures. 

sudo tonic

(Previously Sweating Bromhydrosis Complex - SBC)
Keyword: body odour-sweat
Body odour, heavy sweating, clammy hands and feet, night sweats - all very common from the age of puberty onwards and all are able to cause embarrassment for so many. Often hereditary or linked to hormone imbalance, chemical exposure or even allergies and reactions to the products that are intended to prevent bodily odour. What is a normal human trait - acceptable odours - has become an obsession to cover up, while underlying health issues cause hyperactivity of common processes and treatment often results in further health problems. 
Originally developed for a patient suffering hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating and body odour) and even after surgery, still suffered badly - this remedy resulted in swift improvement. Strange and unusual body odours can be the result of pathogens or toxicity due to incorrect diet.
COMPANION TREATMENT - Urgent attention to personal hygiene product choice, clothing fabrics and diet are all equally important. Many foods aggravate our sweat glands and hormones, synthetic fabrics cause reactions and toxic hygiene products can contain ingredients which are linked to tissue damage and irritation; organ damage and also react with our own bodily functions. Use only chemical-free products and aluminium-free deodorants. Avoid anti-perspirants as they damage sweat gland tissue. Wear non-synthetic fabrics which allow the skin to breathe. Bi-carb and clay dusting instead of talcum powder, and avoidance of perfumes (many are linked to nerve gas) - regardless of quality or price) - replace with safe, pure essential oils. Of course, regular bathing rather than obsessive, should be practiced.
Note: use of the Latin word sudo means to sweat or perspire.

helix tonic

(Previously Intestinal Worms Complex - IWC)

Keyword: parasite

The human body is 90% by weight, pathogenic. We have beneficial pathogens in every cell, every micro-millilitre of water. Most at mutually beneficial and our very existence depends on them. Harmful internal and topical parasites often go unnoticed and can create serious health issues and even put life at risk. Use for entire family and pets for worms and other unwanted pathogens, including the rosacea-causing demodex and headlice.

COMPANION TREATMENT -  Simple care with hygiene habits and diet - encourage diligent hand-washing, prevention of spread from pets & care with food; especially if eating raw fish or undercooked meat. Ensure satisfactory elimination with good water intake and herbal laxatives. For topical issues, wash hair and skin with non toxic, natural products, rinse with apple cider vinegar. for inflamed skin, wash with diluted food-grade hydrogen peroxide.

Note: use of the word helix is a Latin word indicative of twirling corkscrew, or parasite.

urica tonic

(Previously Gout Acid Complex - GAC)

Keyword: acidity

Inadequate/incorrect diet, exposure to chemicals & alcohol consumption can weaken kidneys, resulting in uric acid build-up. This affects our blood & heart, which pools in our lower limbs & around the heart, resulting in swelling, pain & even heart attack. GAC tones up the kidneys while clearing the acid from the blood & reducing swelling/pain very swiftly & efficiently. Also assists in acid removal in rheumatoid arthritic effects.

COMPANION TREATMENT -  Diet must be addressed - pH Miracle diet is recommended to lower dietary acid - and avoidance of other triggers - environmental, work, and habitual. If you are physically exposed to acidic and industrial poisons, use gloves, barrier cream or masks to lower absorption. While this treatment is fast-acting, lifestyle change is imperative if improved living is expected. All inflammatory drug or food use must be avoided.

Note: use of the word urica is related to urine or uric acid.

Aura Tonic

(Previously Smoke Stop Complex - SSC)

Keyword: substance

Assists in removal of poisons associated with smoking or passive inhalation - also for those exposed to smoke and irritants. The less waste in the body, the fewer cravings. May be taken in place of cigarettes. This is also advised after local anaesthesia -  it is estimated that the equivalent tar toxin level of thousands of cigarettes is found in each average 'local' & affects the body the same as smoking long term. While will-power is needed, use of these remedies have shown that cravings are reduced and dependency is removed.

COMPANION TREATMENT -  Find a habit which replaces the need to use your hands; avoid smoke-filled areas; remove tempting surroundings; drink water to assist in flushing of toxins; be aware that using hands to eat is not the same as holding an object - keep busy. For psychological issues, seek therapies which assist with mind strength. Acupuncture also assists with habits and toxin removal.

Note: use of the word aura indicates smoke vapour and invisible effects of cigarette smoke.

vena tonic

(Previously Haemorrhoid Congestion Complex - HCC)

Keyword: vein

This issue comes usually linked to hereditary factors and as a result of long-term constipation, standing for long periods, diets low in bioflavonoids, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Although surgery is indicated in severe cases, lifestyle change can often improve the problem and HCC assists in removing pressure & swelling/itching.

COMPANION TREATMENT -  Do not wear restrictive clothing, as it cuts off circulation and causes pooling of blood along with weakened elasticity. If flying, wear support socks or bandaging. Horse-chestnut and silica supplements will often improve elasticity. Demand seating or at least frequent resting if your job demands standing for lengthy periods.  This will not remove damaged or engorged veins but will relieve symptoms dramatically. If pregnant, relieve pressure by wearing support pelvic garments. Swab afflicted area with Witchazel tonic and apply pawpaw or vitamin E creams for fast, soothing effects. If chronically constipated, use psyllium husks or herbal laxative teas daily. Introduce pH miracle diet to remove constipation issues. 

Note: use of the Latin word vena (pronounced vee-na) indicates venous or of the veins.

tussis Tonic

(Previously Cough Cold Complex - CCC)

Keyword: chest

Clinically this remedy has been used for basic coughs and colds in the home, as well as more serious bronchial and pulmonary inflammations. May be used for acute and chronic issues with equal effectiveness.

COMPANION TREATMENT - Ensure warm air flow, vapouriser may assist especially at night. Slippery elm, ginger and licorice teas can assist in soothing the airways. Avoid all inflammatory foods such as all dairy and sugars. Fresh raw vegetable juice. Herb-biotics and probiotics assist in building up immunity.

Note: use of the Latin word tussis indicates respiratory, difficulty breathing, coughing, expectoration.

Evanesce tonic

NEW - fat loss, lean tissue, lymphatic flushing.

Keyword: reduce

Many of us seem to do all the right things; eat a well balanced, healthy diet, exercise and live well but seem unable to shift stubborn weight. This remedy assists in optimizing all the good we are doing, while encouraging the body to let go of what we do not need.

COMPANION TREATMENT: pH diet, increased pure water intake, exercise, deep breathing, psyllium, lymphatic drainage.

Note: The use of the word evanesce is a nod to the Latin word for something to pass, disappear, vanish.

kardia tonic

NEW! Heart tonic

Keyword: pulse

Modern living has resulted in a plethora of unwanted and unnecessary chronic health problems - heart disease being just one. Some of this is hereditary but much is caused as a side effect of modern medicines and diet. Most people do not deal with it until they are at the point where the heart tries to give one last massive effort to survive - a heart attack. By then, a bypass or stent seems to be the only option. But what if there was a way to rebuild the heart and make it strong again?

COMPANION TREATMENT: pH diet, increased pure water intake, exercise, lymphatic drainage, natural chelation therapy

Note - the use of the Greek word kardia indicates the heart.


NEW! Megrim Remedy

Keyword: ache

Pain is a modern day scourge, affecting too many people in various ways, including acute and chronic. Headaches and migraines are said to affect more than 15% of the population, due to a wide range of causes and triggers. Quite often, simple analgesia is achieved by way of herbal tea, massage, relaxation techniques and dietary changes are suitably effective, but for a growing number of people, trauma or genetics pose a difficult problem which prevents relief. 

Additionally, chronic pain in its various forms affects 1 in 5 people. The causes are myriad and while strong analgesics assist short term, they are not a long term ideal. Osteopathy and chiropractic, and to a degree, acupuncture are often the answer. In the past, strong herbal medicine has been effective, but this type of care takes a great deal of knowledge; much of it lost.

COMPANION TREATMENT: This remedy has been successfully trialed in various forms of pain. It is recommended that every measure is taken to improve health by following as many goal-oriented modalities as possible and accessible, as we firmly believe that no medicine on this earth will help if neglect and self abuse are the norm. Try to identify the triggers or causes of your pain; many foods cause inflammation and it is recommended that you follow the pH eating plan while ceasing activities/habits that cause trauma and inflammation.

Note: the use of the Latin wordage of Vertex denotes the crown or top of the head.




NEW! Metabolic tonic

Keyword: sugar

Research has shown the link between diet, environmental chemicals and pharmaceuticals - and the appearance of diabetes, including low blood sugar, high blood sugar and insulin deficiency. Quite often it is triggered by sugar and the inclusion of carbohydrates in a diabetic eating plan has ensured the yoyo effect continues with disastrous results. 

Obesity is a knock-on side effect of both diet and the other triggers. It is no coincidence that even pre-diabetes brings bodyshape changes which should be a trigger to most people. And it is vital to understand that taking medicine for a disease while continuing with the very habits and triggers as a way of life while not help in the long term. 

COMPANION TREATMENT: For diabetes to occur in infancy or childhood, there must be an inherited tendency, with a trauma or trigger that starts the process. Continuing to bombard the body with these triggers will enhance the chronicity of any symptom set. For diabetes to develop in an adult, there must be a long chain of pancreatic toxins, including incorrect diet and pharmaceutical medicines. Removal and avoidance are vital. Dietary adjustment is imperative - the pH eating plan has shown to correct many cases, as have chiropractic, herbal medicines, exercise and various forms of detoxing.

Note - the use of the Greek word Zachari denotes sugar.