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All matter has energy. Water retains a memory of all it touches. What if you could encompass the energy of all healing matter into the purity of water, to formulate an elixir for health; an elixir free of side effects yet full of all the curative effects that God-given nature - plants, minerals, herbs & even existing medicines - has to offer?

At Chrysalis Originals, this is exactly what we have done, using age-old dilution & energising methods of ancient traditional medicines. Using our unique preparations, we have created blends which rejuvenate at a cellular level, restoring health to its optimum potential. 

But we've gone one step further. The original Holiest of gifts: Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh have been infused to result in curative effects which were once embraced by every household, long since discarded in favour of less beneficial medicines. These gifts were just accepted throughout history; few have asked WHY they were used - do you know?

The answer is simple: through the intricate incorporation of these gifts, in addition to the original healing properties of the elixirs, there is now an extra focus on antiseptic, emotion, immunity, inflammation, anti-aging, memory, hormone-balancing, digestive, parasitic, cell-healing and respiratory issues; things that more than ever, need to be addressed.

It is said that like cures like; even the most noxious substance, if prepared skillfully, is capable of healing the same symptoms it would cause in its original state. Read on to discover just how every home & workplace can become a healing sanctuary.